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LibertyPay - Contactless charity donations.

For many years, charitable donations have been accepted by coins, notes and cheques. Traditionally, face-to-face fundraising involves charities collecting spare change by shaking a coin bucket on your local high street or shopping centre. As buying habits have changed, the general public is moving towards a contactless environment, for both the purchase of low value goods and crucially donating by card.

According to the UK Card Association, by June 2016 there were 92 million contactless cards in issue and for that month alone £1.9 billion of transactions were taken on contactless cards alone. This figure is growing continually.

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Why your charity needs contactless donations:

  • Fewer people are carrying cash
  • Cash usage reducing
  • Complex other options

Fewer people are carrying cash than ever before and if a donor doesn’t have any change, then how can a charity capture that potential donation? The charity may suggest that the donor rings their office to make a donation over the phone or perhaps fill out a standing order or Direct Debit form. Due to the lack of simple options, the charity misses out completely in most cases if they don’t have an accessible, quick and simple solution. 

Over the past few years, the number of contactless donations has risen considerably and with the recent introduction of paying via smartphone and smartwatch, the future of contactless donations is only going to see further growth. The easier it is to donate, the more likely a charity can secure that incremental donation and increase the number of transactions. This has huge potential to transform fundraising capabilities for the charities, these are incremental donations in addition to regular monthly giving.

Why aren’t more charities utilising contactless donations?

Accepting contactless donations hasn’t always been as easy and cost-effective as it could be. Some of the available solutions are prohibitive due to large set-up fees, complicated application processes and establishing relationships with many different companies.

So we’ve developed a solution.

LibertyPay can now offer an accessible, economical and scalable way of taking charitable donations. We are able to provide a product without any up front setup fees with just an all-inclusive monthly fee and low card transaction charges.

Furthermore, this simple solution can be run alongside your charity’s existing card donation methods. For donations over £30, we are able to provide traditional card payment facilities such as Chip & PIN terminals. Should you fundraise online, we can also provide payment pages and e-commerce solutions.

LibertyPay handles all aspects of this solution – we provide the service, maintenance and relationship management so you will no longer need to deal with several organisations and various contacts.

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