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LibertyPay is the natural choice for customers looking for a payment gateway and merchant account to accept payments online, from small business start-ups, to those looking to expand or simply wishing to upgrade your current facility. LibertyPay offers a secure and reliable platform which is suitable for all types of integration.

The LibertyPay Gateway (MMS) system is a proven solution for Card-not-present, e-Commerce, Telephone & Mail Order and e-Invoicing. Our customisable integrations make it easy to connect our payment system to your ecommerce web site as we give you access to our API documentation, test cards, technical help and much more.

Our MMS system is functionally rich with features such as Recurring Billing, Scheduled Transactions, Pay-By-Link, Tokenisation and Reporting. With the help of our user guide and support team you will find the MMS system extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.


The customer is redirected to the LibertyPay server where payment details are processed securely in line with PCI DSS compliance.

This is ideal for any online business as it offers quick, simple and secure transactions via our readymade payment page.

This method is used if the merchant wishes to integrate a shopping cart that does not support the Direct/API integration method.

This method would also be used if the website cannot host secure pages (HTTPS) or if the merchant would like to completely outsource the payment process.

Note: This method does not require and SSL.


This is the perfect solution if the merchant wants to have full control over the payment process.

The merchant would have the ability to completely design, manage and host their own payment page and deliver a completely personalised customer experience as the card details would be entered within the merchant’s website.

Note: This method requires the merchant’s system to be able to serve out HTTPS pages so you will need an SSL certificate.


This method uses the merchant’s website but posts payment details silently to LibertyPay’s server.

The Transparent Redirect behaves in a similar way to the Redirect/Hosted method, from the customer’s perspective it will appear as if they had never left the merchants website, and from the merchant’s perspective it would appear as if they hosted their own payment page.

This method again allows a personalised customer experience, but gives the merchant the security as the customer’s card details never touch their systems.

Note: This method requires the merchant’s system to be able to serve out HTTPS pages so you will need an SSL certificate.


The Pay-By-Link facility gives the merchant the freedom to send out completely customised payment links directly to their customers by email via a secure Hosted Payment Page.

This is great for merchants who do not need a complex website. No code is required for this method, only a simple link needs to be added to the website.

Our Pay-By-Link facility also allows you to integrate a ‘Pay Now’ button, which is a fantastic feature for merchants who sell single items from their website.

Another benefit of Pay-By-Link is that the payment amount can be controlled, it is ideal for those websites who wish to accept donations from its visitors.

This method eliminates the need for a shopping cart and so reduces cost and administration.

Note: Please note that a basic HTML knowledge will be required.



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Integration Methods

Direct Redirect Transparent Pay-by-Link
Merchant Management System
Instant Test Account for Developers
Programming and Development
Extensive API Documentation
Full Access to the Gateway through the API
Ability to Code - Subscription Based Payment System
Ability to Code - Payment Cancellations
Ability to Code – Take Pre-auth Payments
Ability to Code - Authorise Pre-auth Transactions
Full control of Skinning of the Payment Page
Skin the Hosted Payment Page
Simple Link - Single Item Payment Page Link
Simple Link - Donation Button Payment Page Link
Mail Request for Payment
Security Features
3D Secure Enabled
Restricted Outward Communication through TCP Port 4430
SSL Required
Gateway Fall Over Architecture

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