LibertyPay Contactless Donation Boxes FAQs.

How do I turn the donation box on and off?

There is a power button on the back of the box. Simply press it to turn on the box and it will be ready to accept donations.

How do I set up a donation?

There is no need to set up the donation amount; the boxes are programmed to accept donations in increments between £0.50 - £30.00.

There is no need to set up the donation amount; the boxes are programmed to accept donations in increments between £1.00 - £30.00 – We recommend setting your minimum donation amount to £3.00.

We will pre-set up to 3 donation amounts of your choosing, for example you can pre-set £3.00, £5.00 and £10.00 giving your donors the choice, these can be changed at any time.

Donors simply tap the arrow button on the front of the box to select their preferred donation amount.

It automatically reverts back to the default amount after a donation or after by pressing the arrow button twice.

Currently you will need to contact LibertyPay to change the donation amount. There is a new release of the portal coming soon which will enable you to control this yourself.

Where should the donor hold their card on the donation box?

On the face of each terminal you can see the payment screen and underneath this is the contactless symbol. The donor needs to hold or ‘tap’ their card on this symbol until the terminal registers the presence of the card. This shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds.

How does contactless work?

f there’s a contactless symbol on the front of your credit or debit card, you can start paying with contactless right away. There is no need to register to use the functionality.

Donors simply tap the arrow button on the front of the box to select their preferred donation amount.

You can make a contactless payment at any retailer that displays the contactless acceptance symbol.

Donors simply tap the arrow button on the front of the box to select their preferred donation amount.

Lots of retailers already accept contactless payments, such as Pret, Tesco, London Buses & underground, McDonalds and M&S Food.

Donors simply tap the arrow button on the front of the box to select their preferred donation amount.

Just touch your contactless card to the contactless reader and hold until you hear the beep and the display confirms your transaction has been successful.

Donors simply tap the arrow button on the front of the box to select their preferred donation amount.

You can pay for anything that’s up to £30. Payments are protected by card companies so supporters can give safe in the knowledge that their money is safe.

How should I hold the terminal?

There is a handle on the back. Hold this with the donation screen and surrounding information facing away from you, towards the person giving a donation.

If you have a static terminal then this is simply placed on the counter.

How long will a donation take to process?

Each donation should take only a couple of seconds to go through.

Where there is absolutely no signal the device will accept what’s called an offline transaction. The box will store these transactions until you are back in an area with signal where the transactions will then be uploaded.

How will I know the donation is completed?

On the face of the unit, underneath the logo, there is a row of 4 lights. These will all light up once the donation is complete. The donation box will also beep and there will be a notification on the screen that confirms that the donation has been accepted. Once the donation is complete, the supporter can remove their card.

Should you wish to turn the audible beep off, please contact LibertyPay who will do this for you.

Where does the money go?

All donations are paid directly into the Charity’s bank account as cleared funds after 3 working days.

Does the Charity receive any personal data?

No personal data is transferred during the contactless donation.

How will the donation appear on the donors’ bank statement?

Typically, the name of the charity will appear on paper or online statements within the transaction description.

Why don’t some payment cards work with the device?

So far, Visa and MasterCard are the only card schemes which have approved the contactless donation terminals.

What if somebody would like to donate less than £1.00 and more than £30.00?

The donation box can accept amounts between £1.00 and £30.00 although we recommend setting your minimum to £3.00. If a donor would like to give less, they can do so with cash. If a donor would like to give more, they can tap their contactless payment card again on the contactless symbol again (ensuring there is at least 30 seconds between taps) or we can provide them with an alternative terminal which accepts high value transactions.

Can a supporter add gift aid to their donation?

No supporter data is captured during the contactless donation; however, charities can claim back up to £2,000 (25% of £8,000) via HMRC under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme” without the usual declarations.

For more information please visit -

Do the donation boxes provide receipts?

No, receipts are not required for contactless payments and the same is true when taking a contactless donation.

What happens if someone presents their card twice by mistake? Could they get charged twice?

When the donation boxes detect a card presence, it’s very obvious, so it will be difficult to double-tap and donate twice by accident. Accidental taps done very closely together won’t be accepted by the donation box.

Most banks have rules in place in the event a card is presented twice by mistake and it is likely that the second donation will be blocked by the supporter’s bank. If this happens, please advise the donor to check with their bank.

If a supporter does need a refund, how do we do this?

In the unlikely event that a supporter needs to be refunded, you would need to request the cardholder to contact your head office, so they can identify the transaction on the payment gateway and perform a refund from there.

There is no method of performing refunds on the contactless donation terminal.

Can a contactless donation be declined?

Yes. If the contactless donation is declined, this could be because the supporter has insufficient funds in their bank account or has reached their credit limit on their credit card.

Do the donation boxes accept Chip & PIN?

The Payter box does not accept Chip & PIN payments. If this is an important feature you may wish to consider the CollectTin model or traditional Chip & Pin Machine – we supply both.

How long does the battery last?

The battery-powered boxes are designed to last for 8 hours but depending on the number of transactions they are used for, they may last longer. The charging port can be found on the back of the box, next to the on/off power button.

A handy tip - you are able charge the device using a power bank for extra battery life.

For fixed locations you may wish to consider a main powered version or Mobile but leave it charging.

Can I charge and use the device at the same time?

Yes, the terminals will work whilst charging.

We only recommend that if the battery is completely drained to wait at least 5 minutes after start charging to power them, this is better for the batteries and charging circuit.

How do I charge the portable device?

The portable device is charged via a mini USB port. This can be plugged into a normal socket, but also provides the versatility to be charged through a portable powerpack.

How do I connect a LAN Cable in the Static LAN Device?

There is a small screw on the base of the device which needs to be removed. Once removed the bottom will detach. You can then plug in the LAN cable and feed this through the whole at the rear of the machine. Once connected and fed through the whole you can put the bottom back on the device and fix the screw.

We do not provide LAN Cables as standard due to the difference size requirements of the organisation.

How can I see the terminal is connected?

he bars show the signal strength of the 3G/HSPA connection. When the terminal is connecting the ‘i’ will be blinking. As soon as the ‘i‘ is on the connection has been established with the 3G/HSPA network and the modem is working properly.

What if I don’t have signal when taking a donation?

All terminals come with a Secure Application Module (SAM) which enables a secure end-to-end encryption and storage of the transactions in the terminal in off-line situations. A SAM module is identical to an EMV bank card including the highest security and tampering mechanisms. The off-line capability allows you to raise funds in areas with low or no GSM coverage. All cards that allow off-line transactions will be processed as off-line transactions. Some cards and all mobile terminals will require an on-line authentication and cannot be processed in an off-line environment.

To process the stored on-line transactions the terminal needs access to the internet at regular intervals either through a GSM connection or a LAN connection.

How many offline donations can be taken before it becomes ‘full’ and stops accepting transactions?

By default, no limits are set. The terminal can easily store 1,000 + transactions. We can apply a cap should the Charity wish to.

Also, is there a time limit as to how long offline transactions are stored?

Not necessarily, however we recommend off-loading the transactions as soon as possible. As the transaction fees will increase if the time between the transaction and the authorisation is longer.

This is set by the payment schemes, as the risk is higher. It also confuses the donor (and sometimes the charity) as they see the donation taken out of their account days/weeks after the donation.

If your using a Mobile terminal the box must have at least 2 bars of signal to successfully upload. Alternatively, you can unscrew the box and connect via (LAN).

Tampering or theft

All terminals can be remotely de-activated after a theft or misplacement. The terminals are designed with a number of security measures by using, amongst others, a SAM module, that it is directly connected to your account that the chance of tampering is very slim.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my donation box?

Contact Customer Support at LibertyPay on 0333 123 1244.