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Why your charity needs contactless donations
  • Fewer people carry cash
  • Encourages spontaneous donations
  • More secure, less administration
  • Potential to reduce costs
  • Easier to track campaigns
  • Inspires confidence in your brand
Why charities have been slower to adopt contactless donations

Accepting contactless donations hasn’t always been as easy and cost-effective as it could be. Some of the available solutions are prohibitive due to large set-up fees, annual registration fees, complicated application processes and establishing relationships with many different companies – acquirers, gateway services and hardware providers.

Addressing this challenge

We’ve taken away the need for multiple contracts and set up fee’s, so we can provide organisations with a one stop shop serviced by LibertyPay. So, with this being said, we’re proud to bring you an accessible, economical and scalable way of accepting contactless donations with the choice of multiple acquirers.

LibertyPay can now provide affordable products and we handle all aspects of the service saving you time and money. Furthermore, our solutions can run alongside your organisation’s existing card donation methods.

We also provide traditional card payment facilities such as Chip & PIN terminals, online and telephone payments, together with donation buttons for your website and links for use in email campaigns.

  • Lightweight and easy to use for volunteers and donors
  • Combines GPRS and Contactless technology
  • Can still be used offline without phone signal – no need to bother with the hassle of tethering to a phone!
  • Up to 8 hours battery life on our portable device
  • Reliable and Secure
  • Fast, intuitive and easy to use
  • Multiple donation amounts can be configured
Our device options – simple, convenient and easy to use for donors, staff and volunteers alike. Designed and built with simplicity in mind.
Portable GPRS

Our portable device is powered by a lithium battery pack and comes with a handle meaning it can be used at anytime, anywhere. With up to 8 hours use from one full charge, there is plenty of life in this little box.

Fitted with a roaming SIM card, you can connect to all major mobile networks.

Should you be fundraising at a location with no signal, then our box will accept offline donations which means that the transaction is stored within the device until signal is regained.

You’ll be pleased to know that tethering via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet is not necessary with our solution, it’s completely standalone.

*A handy tip – you can plug in any standard power bank to charge this device remotely if you find that the battery is running low.

Static GPRS

This box has all the features of our Portable GPRS version except that it has been designed to be used in a fixed location.

Rather than a battery, this device is mains powered which is ideal for leaving in an unattended location e.g. at reception in a museum or theatre or at a dedicated ‘giving area’ of a church, mosque and synagogue.

Static LAN

And finally, we have our Static LAN box.

Again, designed for use in a fixed location, this box connects via an ethernet cable plugged into a broadband router for quick and speedy processing.

Please note – this device is not Wi-Fi connected for security reasons.

Did you know?

All our boxes accept Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Google Pay card types with AMEX contactless coming soon.

Each of our boxes are capable of emitting an electrical pulse which you can integrate with moving displays, totalisers and flashing lights etc. Please ask for details.

Bespoke Connection

If you are interested in using our contactless solutions in a nonstandard way, then please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

For example, we have provided a solar powered device and also another powered by a car battery.

Please ask for details.

Donation Amounts

You can pre-set multiple donation amounts on our boxes. We recommend sticking to 3 keeping the donor experience short and sweet.

So, for example, you might set £3, £5 and £10. The arrow button on the box allows the donor to select their preferred donation amount within your pre-set values. Once they’ve selected a value they are comfortable with, they simply tap the screen with their contactless card to donate.

These amounts can be changed via your full remote device management portal to anything you like, say £10, £20 and £30 for a specific fundraising event.

Amending the amounts takes just a few moments and you can have different amounts on different boxes, it’s completely flexible and configurable to your requirements.


There’s rich data reporting and analytics to enable you to track campaigns. 

We will give you access to our payment gateway where you can view a wealth of information.

You can see donations taken per day, per box and you can easily see the total value generated.
You’ll also have the ability to void or refund a transaction should you need to.
Please remember that with contactless donations you will not know who the donor is.

Under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme you may be eligible to claim Gift Aid on some of your Contactless Donations.

Please visit for more information.


All our boxes come complete with your charity branding. If you have your own in-house design team we can supply the templates and they can produce the artwork, or we can do it for you through our branding partner Earnest Agency for a small discounted charge. Either way your fully branded donation box will be delivered ready to go.

Note: You may wish to consider purchasing multiple plates for different campaigns.

Customised Donation Boxes, Stands & Mounts

We work with all the major supplies of cash donation boxes. If you are looking to integrate contactless into a new combined solution, then please get in touch and we’ll introduce you to the most suitable partner who has experience with integrating our devices.

Donation boxes

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