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As Simple As A Few Clicks

Donors with compatible Apple devices will have the option to donate using their Apple Pay account, while donors with Android devices can use their Google Pay account.

Within a few clicks, donors can confirm their card details and make their donation.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Fast & Secure

Our bespoke donation page is highly configurable and brandable to your organisation and your various causes. Unlimited variations can be created to target donors to click through to support particular causes with a specific donation experience.

Amounts can be preset and configured by the Charity or donors can manually enter their own amount to give.

Gift Aid eligibility can be captured to increase the value of the donation and recurring donations captured by registering with MyGivingHub.

When the donor is ready to donate, they simply click the Apple Pay or Google Pay button as their payment method so no card details or address information needs to be keyed.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Donations Made Easy

With LibertyPay Digital Fundraising solutions, Charities can integrate the fluid experience of Apple Pay and Google Pay into their websites using our bespoke donation page service.

The donation page is highly configurable in features and to individual causes. It is a smooth experience on all devices and you have the option to configure and promote for minimum clicks where a donation on a mobile phone is being encouraged.

Apple Pay & Google Pay
LibertyPay offers a wide range of payment solutions to support you and your business.

For more information about LibertyPay and the services we provide, please contact our friendly sales team on 0333 123 1244 or email info@libertypay.co.uk