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LibertyPay - FAQs.


Why do I need to take card payments?

With advances in technology, many people these days expect to pay by card as it’s quick, easy and most importantly secure. Your customers are also more likely to spend money if they are not limited by the cash only payments. For you this means faster payments and less cash to deal with.

What type of card machine do I need?

We do the hard work so you don’t have to. Our expert team will take the time to understand your business requirements in order to provide you with the most suitable solution for your set up.

What type of merchant account do I need?

There are several types of merchant account, and it is dependent on how you would like to take payments as to what account you require. Merchant accounts include:

ECOM - If you take payments online or wish to benefit from our PayByLink feature and send e-invoices to your customers you need an ECOM merchant account

MOTO - If you take payments using a virtual terminal or a physical terminal for over-the-phone payments you need a MOTO merchant account

TERMINAL - If you take face-to-face payments you need a Terminal merchant account

How much does it cost?

We know how vital it is to keep business overheads to a minimum, but at the same time you need to offer fast, reliable service to your customers. We will tailor our rates to suit you, depending on the payment solution that is required. We will always ensure you get the best value.

Will I have lots of paperwork to complete?

No, whether you’re new to cards or switching to us from another provider, we make the process quick and easy. We will complete the paperwork for you and keep you updated every step of the way.


What is an IMA?

An Internet Merchant Account (IMA) enables card payments to be converted into cash in your bank. If you’re starting an e-Commerce business, you will need a merchant account to be able to accept debit and credit card payments.

What’s the difference between a merchant account and a gateway?

The merchant account verifies credit/debit card and customer information. This includes checking to see if the details supplied are correct (address, card number etc.), if the card has been reported stolen, or has enough funds. If the transaction is successful, the merchant account then deposits funds to your bank account where you can then access them.

A payment gateway is separate and acts as an intermediary between your website and the bank. This is a seamless process and your customer does not interact with the gateway. The credit/debit card details are submitted via the gateway, which securely sends the information through the relevant financial networks to the merchant account.

Does LibertyPay provide both the merchant account and the payment gateway?

Yes, we provide both the merchant account and the gateway facility as standard.

In what ways can I receive payment?

If you are wanting to accept payments through your website, you will need to have a shopping cart or a website that is integrated into the payment gateway and the acquiring bank. Once a customer adds product(s) to the basket and wishes to pay, they will then be taken to a secure payment page, where they can enter their credit/debit card details.

To take credit/debit card transactions over the phone, you simply enter the card details into the Merchant Management System (MMS) we provide you with, which is a secure website that you access to submit the information and complete the transaction. This type of payment method is called Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO).

The virtual terminal is like a payment page in reverse. However, instead of the customer entering their card details on your website, you complete it for them.

How do I apply for an online facility?

Our Digital application form is easy to complete. We will complete this with you either face-to-face or over the telephone.

Can I accept all card types?

Our gateway accepts all major credit and debit cards, including:

  • MasterCard and Visa (both debit and credit)
  • MasterCard
  • Visa Electron
  • Solo
  • JCB
  • Maestro
  • American Express

We work with different acquirers who have various capabilities. Please let us know what card types you need to accept and we’ll do the rest.

Can I take payments anywhere in the world?

Yes, as long as you have an Internet connection, your user name and password. This will gain you access to your MMS system to take payments anywhere.

Can I take multi-currency payments?

Yes, we have the ability to take payments in most major currencies and settle locally in 17 different currencies.

What security is there to protect my business?

Our gateway provides many security features such as CV2, AVS, and 3D secure. Please visit the Fraud Screening section on our e-Commerce page to find out more >>>

What is CV2 and where can I find it?

CV2 is the 3 digit number that can usually be found on the back of the cardholder's debit or credit card. If this is an Amex Card, then it’s a 4 digit number on the front of the card. Only the card issuer is allowed to store this number in their database.

What is AVS?

AVS stands for Address Verification System. During this check, we match the address given at the point of purchase against the address registered with the card issuer to detect possible fraud.

What is 3D-Secure?

This authentication checks the password that the cardholder has registered with the card issuer and is only known by the cardholder. The benefit of this check is that if a transaction is 3D-Secure authenticated, the liability for the transaction is shifted from the Merchant to the card issuer. Therefore, even if the transaction is fraudulent, the Merchant does not bear the financial burden.

What happens if I need support?

We have an expert team based in the UK, on hand to support you with all your queries. To contact our Online Support Team, call 01525 306803 or email:

What if I want to add extra facilities to my account after I have signed my application form?

You can call the Online Support Team, who will be happy to discuss any additional facilities you wish to add.

How can I attract more visitors to my website?

By using marketing tools, you can attract more visitors to your website and turn them into paying customers.

Is there an easy way to take cards online without building a whole new website?

Yes, once you have a good website template and design, you can integrate card processing with ease. With LibertyPay there are many ways to get an online shop up and running, which include:

  • Using our simple PayPage – connect our page to your website for easy online payments
  • Adding a Professional PayPage to your website – a simple and branded online payment solution can be added to your website to give your business that professional look and feel

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For more information, please contact our Online Support Team on 01525 306803, who are always on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.