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LibertyPay Payments By Phone

We want to make your payment process as smooth as possible by enabling you to take debit and credit card payments over the phone. Payments are passed through a secure web-based payment system that is controlled by you.

The Simple Way to Take Payments

Taking telephone payments has never been easier using LibertyPay’s virtual terminal. Simple to set up, our virtual terminal enables you to take payments and manage them through our Merchant Management System (MMS).

Offer your customers a new way to pay with a virtual terminal. With quick, easy processing, our virtual terminal eliminates the need for an actual terminal, which frees up your telephone line.

Easy, Hassle-Free Set Up

We will create a Merchant Management System (MMS) account for you to access. Simply log in to your MMS account, enter your customer's card details and let us securely process the transaction – it’s as simple as that.

Using a secure web interface, the MMS offers real time reporting, allowing you to monitor and record all your payments – keeping you 100% in control, 100% of the time.

Immediate Response

You don't need to wait for authorisation. With LibertyPay you receive immediate confirmation of your payment.

Payment Gateway Fees

We understand that all organisations are different, so we take the time to understand how you want to process payments and build the most appropriate package for you. We have a pay as you go option, low volume user option and a full service which is just £20 + VAT per month.

LibertyPay offers a wide range of payment solutions to support you and your business. For more information about payment by phone and the other services we provide please contact our friendly team on 0333 123 1244 or email

  • New to cards?

    LibertyPay can get you set up and accepting cards in no time. We work with you to determine the right solution to ensure your customers continue to receive fast, efficient service with the flexibility of card payments.

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  • Switching

    Our hassle-free installation and transfer makes switching to LibertyPay quick and easy. We’ll offer you a secure, competitive service and save you money at the same time.

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